Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY: Washi Tape Decorated phones!

This is a super easy tutorial requiring only 2 things; washi tape and your phone.
Firstly, if possible remove the backing of your phone. It's very easily done with my S3 but I know that you cannot remove the backing cover if you have see an iPhone. For iPhone users I recommend buying a clear case off of eBay to decorate.

Once the backing is off (or if you are using the phone cover) you can start to arrange your washi tape. Washi tape you can buy from many different retailers on eBay, etsy or other stores you could make it yourself with this tutorial. For my phone I'm using a combination both bought and also handmade washi tape.

Once you are happy with the arrangement then you can make sure all sides are secured down on to the back case and have a little tape over hanging to fold over and ensure it doesn't peel off.

Once you are happy with your design clip your cover back on and there is you'd very simply decorated phone cover. Whilst it provides no protection to the phone it makes it a lot easier to identify. (especially if you have a popular phone!) 

So a very easy and simple decorating tutorial!!

All for now~

Saturday, February 23, 2013

TAG: What's (going to be) in my Bag?

Because Uni starts officially the week after the next I decided why not make a "What's (going to be) in my Bag" tag post!! This is my first ever Tag post so I'm excited to make it~

Let's start!

So here's my school bag and all of its contents (minus my drinkbottle which is in the fridge and my Umbrella which is downstairs). The school bag I made from some fabric my family friend gave me and is fully lined with a single large compartment and is closed with a drawstring~

Here is some of the decorating I did on it to make it a little more pizazzy~ The watch usually goes in the pocket it's on top of so it doesn't dangle everywhere. The studding on the bag was with some brads I picked up from everywhere. The underside it pretty ugly with the stud arms showing haha~

Here is my technology!! Everyday I'm going to be taking my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to make notes in class and blog on the go. I have my Samsung Galaxy SIII which is my phone and beside it my headphones. My sunglasses are actually the glasses I used to have (you may notice the frames clear in older blog posts) but I had the lenses tinted so that I have prescription sunglasses. Lastly on the right is my wallet it's in a light plum colour~

My pens and pencil case~ I really need to reduce the number I have seeing as though the only class I'll be writing in will be Chinese!! The teddy bear pencil case up the top I made myself and the one down the bottom I bought from Daiso and studded myself~

 Here's my make-up and touch ups case~ The Domo case I bought in Shanghai in 2010. I usually only carry powder foundation (I have oily skin, especially in the hot weather we've been having) lip balm, a lip gloss and the lipstick of the day (If I am wearing one). I also carry my oil Blotting sheets, my Issey Miyake perfume and some bandaids....because I'm very accident prone.
In the red pouch I carry 2 sets of earrings just in case I forget to put a pair in and also ear plugs for when I want to study in peace. I started using ear plugs mid last year and found that they cut out so much distraction!

 Here is my diary, campus map (for the first week or so to make sure I know where I'm going), my Canon camera to take photos (as my Olympus one is a little too heavy for everyday!) as well as my lunch box and a pair or disposable chopsticks and fork~ I forget eating utensils very very often!

Last but not least I have my other important things~ The Rose body mist from Daiso has become a staple wherever I go. It's handy to spritz and freshen up~ I have a pack of tissues, train timetable which I covered in pictures, deodorant, my keys and USBs, Chewing gum, handcream and hand sanitiser~ I took the impulse bottle out of my bag because it ended up making it heavy and I was worried about it losing it's cap!

The only other things that would be in my bag are notebooks and textbooks for class~

So that's all the crap  items I would  carry around on a normal school day~ I'm super excited to start next week!!

I'm doing some really interesting units~ I have 2 compulsory Education ones, 2 English ones, 3 Chinese Studies units (2 in the language and 1 in Chinese History) and one in Anthropology~

For this tag I'll be tagging my friends!!

N from The Warping Penguin,
Wilma from New Adventures,
Paul from Hyuga Boy,
FD from From the Fire Dragon's Lair,
N and Monte from Monte's Melbourne,
Tim from Dust's Pokeblog,
and anyone else who wants to make one!! ^o^

Please if you do make one I'd love to know what you carry around!!

All for now~

February Updates~

Hello ^o^

This has been an truly interesting month. A lot of getting ready for University, I must admit I'm so so excited but also a little nervous.... who wouldn't be!!

Tomorrow I have an Arts Faculty day at Uni and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is USyd's O-Week so I'll definitely take lots of photos and hopefully make a substantial  blog post of it on the next weekend.

My CD Collection so far...ehehehehe

Recently my favourite album to listen to has been TOXIC's First Bridge. I really love all of the songs as they have the rock and slight pop mix. They're heavy, but not too. Kind of like Alice Nine... maybe that's why I like them hahaha! I actually love all of the songs on the mini so everyone should check it out!!!

Image from
I've ordered Nell's album Slip Away from Media Asia and I have to pick it up when it comes in and I also preordered Alice Nine's Daybreak (Limited Edition Nao version of course!!) in CDJapan as they had the best price for the CD+Shipping~ Ahh the problems of being an international fan ><
But the previews for the song are so good so I think it'll be worth it~ I'm also saving to get Alice Nine's Senkou Type B version~

Image from Mushinokoe on Tumblr

Although I'm starting Uni I really really don't want to neglect my blog so I really really do want to keep blogging. I do have a 2hour there and back trip to Uni each day (Yes, I have class everyday unless I can change my Timetable ><) so I do have time to read, do homework and maybe blog then.
My Tablet case finally came in (My phone case has yet to have) and I'm pretty happy with it. It keeps it safe but the only thing is that there's no hole for the camera so if I want to take a photo then I have to take my tablet out~

So that's been my updates really~ Kevin's been at school for a month already so I've been bludging at home myself unless mum or dad are home too.

Next up is a TAG post as well as some special news ^o^

All for now~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVIEW: Dusk Calm Candle +SAD~

So I finally finished my Dusk Calm Candle and here are my thoughts of it! ^o^

The far right candle is the Dusk Calm Candle
It comes in a light lavender colour and smells of lavender but on a slightly sweeter side. Very subtle when its not burning~

I think that this candle, when it burns, the scent changes. It becomes sweeter although it also has a mellow flavour/scent.

It does make me feel more calm as the scent diffuses very well throughout my room. It takes about an hour for it to become noticeable.

I'm not sure if it's the placebo but I do feel calmer when it's burning. Maybe not in all entirety but it  does relax me after a long day~~

Would I repurchase this candle?
I have another one at home so I'll use that one and see how much I want to buy another~

At $3 a pop from Dusk it's not a bug splurge and as long as you have a cup or small teacup you're all good for a container.

The rating I give for this candle is....


Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful SAD day!! (Single Awareness Day)

Here's my heart to yours ^o^

Here's hoping everyone is having a good day ^o^


Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY: Recycled Book Covers

Today's tutorial is going to be a recycling project!!

Kevin's started school again :'D Man the good old days of starting High School!!
I decided that a good way to personalise his books would be to decorate them. Thinking about what he has masses of we decided to utilise his collection of fake Pokemon Cards to cover the books~
So lets get to the tutorial!!

What you'll need:
  • a basic notebook to decorate
  • Images/Graphics Kevin and I used Pokemon Cards but Digimon, Vanguard, Magic, any will work ^^
  • Plastic contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Ruler Or plastic ruler. Don't use a metal ruler as it can scratch the plastic
  • Tape

Firstly lay out your cards in a design you'll want to utilise.

Create a tape loop, put the tape on the backs of the cards and stick them back down onto the notebook.

Do this to all of the cards til the book is covered in the design you like. I added washi-tape to the sides as the cards weren't big enough to cover the whole page.

Cut a piece of contact paper that will cover your front page, if you are using a spiral bound book or the back and front cover if it is not spiral bound. If you are using a spiral bound book make sure that one edge is straight to align against the binding.

Peel back one corner of the contact paper and pull it taught and stick it onto the book. Make sure the pictures are taped on flat so bubbles won't appear and use the ruler to flatten down the contact paper.

Like so!

Cut the corners off of the contact paper so that it is easier to fold over the edges.
With that you're done!!

I think Kevin and I ended up covering 4 of his books and one of mine~ All in all a successful afternoon!

I hope this helped out! If you do try this method please link me to your makings! I'd love to see them ^o^

All for now,

January Favourites!! +LOTD +Body butter?

I think everyone has been saying this but, Man! This year has gone by. I really cannot believe we're already a month through! only 25 more days till Uni starts!

January has been an interesting month. As I've been on holidays I've only been at home, working or occasionally going out. Over the course of the month I've manage to gathered quite a few things which I really really love!

L-R: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Rose Body Mist, Issey Miyake Florale, Rimmel Nude Delight, Johnsons Moisturising Day Care and TONY MOLY Anti-Aging Hand Cream
These products I use on a daily basis and I guess it really cannot get more favourite than that~ 
I bought the Bourjois foundation after seeing good reviews on the net and finding out that Priceline (and now Target) actually stock the brand. It sits nicely on the skin and especially because it's summer, I don't worry about it melting off~
The Rose Body Mist I bought from DAISO on a whim and L.O.V.E it! It's really great in the summer heat, just spritz it on the skin and it's very refreshing and the scent is really nice and light~
The Issey Miyake Perfume is actually a tester (10mls) and I really love it~ I've been looking fervently for a replacement for my Givenchy Lovely Prism because it's running really really low and after testing this for a month I think I've finally found a good replacement~ It smells really fresh and light (as I bought the Eau De Toilette) and I'm definitely a sucker for Floral scents~
Rimmel's Nude Delight has been my go to lip colour because it's a Nude colour that doesn't suck all the life out of my skin~
After finishing my Simple moisturiser I've been on the hunt for a replacement~ I'd been using a Face Shop one which isn't too bad but I just felt it wasn't heavy enough. I picked up the Johnson's cream mainly because it was on 'special' for $3 and Oh my goodness, It answered my call! It's really moisturising and I think it's also controlled my oily skin and acne. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Yayy!
Lastly in this image is my TONY MOLY Anti-Aging Handcream which I've now used up (;へ:)

Because I've been home os often most of these days, I've seldom been wearing my earrings and, maybe I'm just paranoid but I've been worried about the holes closing up. To tackle this I've left a pair of earrings, the ones above to be exact in my wallet so if I'm ever out I can put them in. ^^

January was the month of my birthday~ It was on the 24th and I was so overwhelmed with everyone's wishes on twitter <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>
Thank-you so much <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>
For Christmas I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from my Dad and for my birthday he also bought me the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I've really really loved playing around with! I love that it has an in built navigator!! So many times I've used it haha~ 
For my birthday I was saying that I was thinking about buying a 3DSXL (In preparation for the new Pokemon Game and Fire Emblem game I'm trying to save for it ><). My brother heard this and he printed out a picture of a 3DSXL and put it in the box of my desk lamp. Thank-you Kevin :'D

The Aromatherapy Co: Lavender and Chamomile and Calming Dusk Candle

For other scents and candles I've loved I'm definitely loving my Dusk Calming Candle and Reed Diffuser. The Dusk Candle I was burning a lot at the start of the month as it really really smelled so great. It was light and I think the aroma filled the room really well. The reed diffuser is actually a gift from my friend Jacqui (Thank-you Jac if you're reading!!) and I cannot get enough of the smell. My room smells so good with this!! It has a very subtle Lavender scent which is mellowed out with the Chamomile ~

Dad got a coffee machine for Christmas from the fambam and I've definitely been putting it to good use!! It's soo nice >3< I get a small shot and then just put lots and lots of milk in!

The coffee and ShengJi Mantou (I think in English it's called Pan Fried Dumplings) were today's lunch. I really really really really really LOVE ShengJi Mantou and the last time I had a good one was in Shanghai last time I was there. They're so fatty because they're pan fried but soo good!! Worth it once in a while! ^o^

It must have been at the start of the year but I am so so psyched to start university that I actually made my school bag already! I made my school bag last year and decided to make one this year~ Kevin was nice enough to model for me!!

I think the song for this blog post will be Alice Nine's Birth in the Death~ I woke up a few days ago with it ringing in my head so I think it suits~

I can safely say I'm SOOOOOOO excited for Daybreak!!


So that's really it for my favourites :'D It included a LOTD too so yay!!
A small update is a finally got a hair cut!! I haven't had my hair cut since I was in Shanghai at the end of 2010 when I got it cropped really really short. I decided to get it thinned and got an inch of dead hair chopped off! I'm really happy with it ^^ So now my head is a lot lighter!! Haha

Today I was out at the shops and I saw a place selling body butters for 2 for $8 so I decided to try them out. After some fervent smelling I decided on Peach (Hehe I LOVE peach scents!) and Passionfruit (Which I love to eat too!!). I've never used body butters before so I guess I'll review it once I've used them a little~ They smell soo good though!

 So all in all that's been my January Favourites plus some more!! I've been thinking of making it into a video form....but I'm not 100% sure ><

Please comment your favourite things of the past January!! I'd love to know :)

All for now