Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY: Washi Tape Decorated phones!

This is a super easy tutorial requiring only 2 things; washi tape and your phone.
Firstly, if possible remove the backing of your phone. It's very easily done with my S3 but I know that you cannot remove the backing cover if you have see an iPhone. For iPhone users I recommend buying a clear case off of eBay to decorate.

Once the backing is off (or if you are using the phone cover) you can start to arrange your washi tape. Washi tape you can buy from many different retailers on eBay, etsy or other stores you could make it yourself with this tutorial. For my phone I'm using a combination both bought and also handmade washi tape.

Once you are happy with the arrangement then you can make sure all sides are secured down on to the back case and have a little tape over hanging to fold over and ensure it doesn't peel off.

Once you are happy with your design clip your cover back on and there is you'd very simply decorated phone cover. Whilst it provides no protection to the phone it makes it a lot easier to identify. (especially if you have a popular phone!) 

So a very easy and simple decorating tutorial!!

All for now~

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