Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Updates~

Hello ^o^

This has been an truly interesting month. A lot of getting ready for University, I must admit I'm so so excited but also a little nervous.... who wouldn't be!!

Tomorrow I have an Arts Faculty day at Uni and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is USyd's O-Week so I'll definitely take lots of photos and hopefully make a substantial  blog post of it on the next weekend.

My CD Collection so far...ehehehehe

Recently my favourite album to listen to has been TOXIC's First Bridge. I really love all of the songs as they have the rock and slight pop mix. They're heavy, but not too. Kind of like Alice Nine... maybe that's why I like them hahaha! I actually love all of the songs on the mini so everyone should check it out!!!

Image from
I've ordered Nell's album Slip Away from Media Asia and I have to pick it up when it comes in and I also preordered Alice Nine's Daybreak (Limited Edition Nao version of course!!) in CDJapan as they had the best price for the CD+Shipping~ Ahh the problems of being an international fan ><
But the previews for the song are so good so I think it'll be worth it~ I'm also saving to get Alice Nine's Senkou Type B version~

Image from Mushinokoe on Tumblr

Although I'm starting Uni I really really don't want to neglect my blog so I really really do want to keep blogging. I do have a 2hour there and back trip to Uni each day (Yes, I have class everyday unless I can change my Timetable ><) so I do have time to read, do homework and maybe blog then.
My Tablet case finally came in (My phone case has yet to have) and I'm pretty happy with it. It keeps it safe but the only thing is that there's no hole for the camera so if I want to take a photo then I have to take my tablet out~

So that's been my updates really~ Kevin's been at school for a month already so I've been bludging at home myself unless mum or dad are home too.

Next up is a TAG post as well as some special news ^o^

All for now~

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