Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Favourites!! +LOTD +Body butter?

I think everyone has been saying this but, Man! This year has gone by. I really cannot believe we're already a month through! only 25 more days till Uni starts!

January has been an interesting month. As I've been on holidays I've only been at home, working or occasionally going out. Over the course of the month I've manage to gathered quite a few things which I really really love!

L-R: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Rose Body Mist, Issey Miyake Florale, Rimmel Nude Delight, Johnsons Moisturising Day Care and TONY MOLY Anti-Aging Hand Cream
These products I use on a daily basis and I guess it really cannot get more favourite than that~ 
I bought the Bourjois foundation after seeing good reviews on the net and finding out that Priceline (and now Target) actually stock the brand. It sits nicely on the skin and especially because it's summer, I don't worry about it melting off~
The Rose Body Mist I bought from DAISO on a whim and L.O.V.E it! It's really great in the summer heat, just spritz it on the skin and it's very refreshing and the scent is really nice and light~
The Issey Miyake Perfume is actually a tester (10mls) and I really love it~ I've been looking fervently for a replacement for my Givenchy Lovely Prism because it's running really really low and after testing this for a month I think I've finally found a good replacement~ It smells really fresh and light (as I bought the Eau De Toilette) and I'm definitely a sucker for Floral scents~
Rimmel's Nude Delight has been my go to lip colour because it's a Nude colour that doesn't suck all the life out of my skin~
After finishing my Simple moisturiser I've been on the hunt for a replacement~ I'd been using a Face Shop one which isn't too bad but I just felt it wasn't heavy enough. I picked up the Johnson's cream mainly because it was on 'special' for $3 and Oh my goodness, It answered my call! It's really moisturising and I think it's also controlled my oily skin and acne. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Yayy!
Lastly in this image is my TONY MOLY Anti-Aging Handcream which I've now used up (;へ:)

Because I've been home os often most of these days, I've seldom been wearing my earrings and, maybe I'm just paranoid but I've been worried about the holes closing up. To tackle this I've left a pair of earrings, the ones above to be exact in my wallet so if I'm ever out I can put them in. ^^

January was the month of my birthday~ It was on the 24th and I was so overwhelmed with everyone's wishes on twitter <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>
Thank-you so much <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>
For Christmas I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from my Dad and for my birthday he also bought me the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I've really really loved playing around with! I love that it has an in built navigator!! So many times I've used it haha~ 
For my birthday I was saying that I was thinking about buying a 3DSXL (In preparation for the new Pokemon Game and Fire Emblem game I'm trying to save for it ><). My brother heard this and he printed out a picture of a 3DSXL and put it in the box of my desk lamp. Thank-you Kevin :'D

The Aromatherapy Co: Lavender and Chamomile and Calming Dusk Candle

For other scents and candles I've loved I'm definitely loving my Dusk Calming Candle and Reed Diffuser. The Dusk Candle I was burning a lot at the start of the month as it really really smelled so great. It was light and I think the aroma filled the room really well. The reed diffuser is actually a gift from my friend Jacqui (Thank-you Jac if you're reading!!) and I cannot get enough of the smell. My room smells so good with this!! It has a very subtle Lavender scent which is mellowed out with the Chamomile ~

Dad got a coffee machine for Christmas from the fambam and I've definitely been putting it to good use!! It's soo nice >3< I get a small shot and then just put lots and lots of milk in!

The coffee and ShengJi Mantou (I think in English it's called Pan Fried Dumplings) were today's lunch. I really really really really really LOVE ShengJi Mantou and the last time I had a good one was in Shanghai last time I was there. They're so fatty because they're pan fried but soo good!! Worth it once in a while! ^o^

It must have been at the start of the year but I am so so psyched to start university that I actually made my school bag already! I made my school bag last year and decided to make one this year~ Kevin was nice enough to model for me!!

I think the song for this blog post will be Alice Nine's Birth in the Death~ I woke up a few days ago with it ringing in my head so I think it suits~

I can safely say I'm SOOOOOOO excited for Daybreak!!


So that's really it for my favourites :'D It included a LOTD too so yay!!
A small update is a finally got a hair cut!! I haven't had my hair cut since I was in Shanghai at the end of 2010 when I got it cropped really really short. I decided to get it thinned and got an inch of dead hair chopped off! I'm really happy with it ^^ So now my head is a lot lighter!! Haha

Today I was out at the shops and I saw a place selling body butters for 2 for $8 so I decided to try them out. After some fervent smelling I decided on Peach (Hehe I LOVE peach scents!) and Passionfruit (Which I love to eat too!!). I've never used body butters before so I guess I'll review it once I've used them a little~ They smell soo good though!

 So all in all that's been my January Favourites plus some more!! I've been thinking of making it into a video form....but I'm not 100% sure ><

Please comment your favourite things of the past January!! I'd love to know :)

All for now


  1. /random/ I LOVE the smell of the Strawberry body butter from The Body Shop *A*
    Oh and so jellyyy u got awesome bday gifts! Can't wait to see what my parents get for me xD (probably not anything since i dont usually get present hahahahaaa ;w;)

    1. I have to try some body shop BB's everyone says they're amazing!!
      Haha I'm sure you'll love them! I'll be up till 12am in the morning to tweet you lovely!!