Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVIEW: Dusk Calm Candle +SAD~

So I finally finished my Dusk Calm Candle and here are my thoughts of it! ^o^

The far right candle is the Dusk Calm Candle
It comes in a light lavender colour and smells of lavender but on a slightly sweeter side. Very subtle when its not burning~

I think that this candle, when it burns, the scent changes. It becomes sweeter although it also has a mellow flavour/scent.

It does make me feel more calm as the scent diffuses very well throughout my room. It takes about an hour for it to become noticeable.

I'm not sure if it's the placebo but I do feel calmer when it's burning. Maybe not in all entirety but it  does relax me after a long day~~

Would I repurchase this candle?
I have another one at home so I'll use that one and see how much I want to buy another~

At $3 a pop from Dusk it's not a bug splurge and as long as you have a cup or small teacup you're all good for a container.

The rating I give for this candle is....


Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful SAD day!! (Single Awareness Day)

Here's my heart to yours ^o^

Here's hoping everyone is having a good day ^o^


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