Saturday, February 23, 2013

TAG: What's (going to be) in my Bag?

Because Uni starts officially the week after the next I decided why not make a "What's (going to be) in my Bag" tag post!! This is my first ever Tag post so I'm excited to make it~

Let's start!

So here's my school bag and all of its contents (minus my drinkbottle which is in the fridge and my Umbrella which is downstairs). The school bag I made from some fabric my family friend gave me and is fully lined with a single large compartment and is closed with a drawstring~

Here is some of the decorating I did on it to make it a little more pizazzy~ The watch usually goes in the pocket it's on top of so it doesn't dangle everywhere. The studding on the bag was with some brads I picked up from everywhere. The underside it pretty ugly with the stud arms showing haha~

Here is my technology!! Everyday I'm going to be taking my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to make notes in class and blog on the go. I have my Samsung Galaxy SIII which is my phone and beside it my headphones. My sunglasses are actually the glasses I used to have (you may notice the frames clear in older blog posts) but I had the lenses tinted so that I have prescription sunglasses. Lastly on the right is my wallet it's in a light plum colour~

My pens and pencil case~ I really need to reduce the number I have seeing as though the only class I'll be writing in will be Chinese!! The teddy bear pencil case up the top I made myself and the one down the bottom I bought from Daiso and studded myself~

 Here's my make-up and touch ups case~ The Domo case I bought in Shanghai in 2010. I usually only carry powder foundation (I have oily skin, especially in the hot weather we've been having) lip balm, a lip gloss and the lipstick of the day (If I am wearing one). I also carry my oil Blotting sheets, my Issey Miyake perfume and some bandaids....because I'm very accident prone.
In the red pouch I carry 2 sets of earrings just in case I forget to put a pair in and also ear plugs for when I want to study in peace. I started using ear plugs mid last year and found that they cut out so much distraction!

 Here is my diary, campus map (for the first week or so to make sure I know where I'm going), my Canon camera to take photos (as my Olympus one is a little too heavy for everyday!) as well as my lunch box and a pair or disposable chopsticks and fork~ I forget eating utensils very very often!

Last but not least I have my other important things~ The Rose body mist from Daiso has become a staple wherever I go. It's handy to spritz and freshen up~ I have a pack of tissues, train timetable which I covered in pictures, deodorant, my keys and USBs, Chewing gum, handcream and hand sanitiser~ I took the impulse bottle out of my bag because it ended up making it heavy and I was worried about it losing it's cap!

The only other things that would be in my bag are notebooks and textbooks for class~

So that's all the crap  items I would  carry around on a normal school day~ I'm super excited to start next week!!

I'm doing some really interesting units~ I have 2 compulsory Education ones, 2 English ones, 3 Chinese Studies units (2 in the language and 1 in Chinese History) and one in Anthropology~

For this tag I'll be tagging my friends!!

N from The Warping Penguin,
Wilma from New Adventures,
Paul from Hyuga Boy,
FD from From the Fire Dragon's Lair,
N and Monte from Monte's Melbourne,
Tim from Dust's Pokeblog,
and anyone else who wants to make one!! ^o^

Please if you do make one I'd love to know what you carry around!!

All for now~

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