Sunday, March 31, 2013

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to League of Legends....

...but I can safely say I've been playing it quite a bit!!

Yes, I, Olivia have been playing League of Legends~

I really really enjoy it! It's a really great way for me to release stress (or get more stressed in some situations) and interact with my friends. Some of the champions I enjoy playing (but still am not too good at) are; Ashe, Ezreal, Teemo, Jarvan IV and Quinn (and Valor). Not to mention the art in the game of some champions is absolutely AMAZING.

Sona from imgur
Diana from

Pulsefire Ezreal From ticktockdonttouchtheclock.tumblr

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao from
Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV from
Amethyst Ashe from
More recently though, I've been watching the League of Legends Championships and Wow!! some of the players (well all of them are professionals) are so amazing! Their tactics and co-ordination really fascinate me and make me want to try harder. ^O^

I've been following some teams for a few months now that I'm getting more into League.

My favourite team is probably Team SoloMid (although they were going through some roster changes, Keep Fighting TSM and Chaox!!)

And I really really enjoy watching the streams of Voyboy (from Curse Gaming) and Phantoml0rd. Both I find are really educational and also really fun to watch.

I've also been a little starstruck today~
Maybe that's why I'm all giddy!

Today as I was watching the Good Game University vs. Team Vulcun game I noticed the mid lane player of GGU Jintae playing really amazingly. He was not only making good plays and was also helping a lot in team fights. I sent him a Tweet just congratulating him and saying he played well and I was greeted by a lovely surprise!

Haha Here's what I said to him~

 And his replies. (please read from bottom up ^o^)

Admittedly I fangirled a lot, and I can safely say I squealed a little. (Hey, I can do this, I'm human too!!) I just really love how professional players acknowledge their (new) fans and say a thank-you~

I know that this is a very different post for my blog but it's something I've been really into and I thought I'd make a blog post about it. ^^

Do you play League of Legends? If so who is your favourite champion?? I'd love to know!

All for now~


  1. Hmmm, fantastic looking images. Its sounds addictive.... Good blog update as per usual...

    1. Thank-you! Thank-you ^o^ It's become a little addictive I admit but very very fun~

  2. :O I love LOL i didn't know you played it too what is your summoner name i want to add you my favourite champion is diana or elise or vayne. :P

    1. Ohmigosh! Definitely add me!!! My summoner name is Ariviya (Kinda like Anivia haha!!). Diana and Vayne are so pretty but Elise can be a little scary >< Unless she's playing in her blossom skin. :P

    2. I can't believe another female plays lol too, all the champions are so pretty and the yordles are so cute. How did you get into lol? Say do you have any hot male friends that happen to play lol too ;P.

    3. Yeah!!! We're an endangered species in that game!!
      Ahh I absolutely Love Love Love the art of lol, all of the artists must put so much into it to make it soo pretty >3< <3
      My best friend introduced me to league, I was a little scared at the start (even against beginner bots) but it's really fun!!
      Haha, you're in luck! I do know of a really hot friend who plays ;D I'll message you his un and you can message him and play some games together ;D