Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fooled!!

Haha, surprisingly I wasn't fooled too often this year on April Fools day!!

Luckily I was gifted a very nice PV for Alice Nine's new single SHADOWPLAY by UniversalmusicJapan!!

I also played an immensely hilarious game on the League of Legends website. (Thank-you Tim for linking me to it!!)

It's pretty fun and whilst it holds some inside LoL jokes, it's still a really fun game! ^o^

After listening to the PV fo Shadowplay I'm 100% sure I'll be buying this single too haha~
Daybreak should be on the way now to my home and I'll have to wait and see what their ncxt single will have in store.

All for now~
A very very short blog post~

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