Friday, February 13, 2015

IKEA Homewares Haul!!

Last week I popped into IKEA, somewhere I haven't been for more than two years, and I bought quite a few itms form y room. I've been meaning to change somethings around and  have been looking for more different storage options. I've also been into burning scented candles and wax melts recently - particularly the Dusk wax melts. Iv'e been meaning to pick up some multiple wick candles and IKEA had some really nice smelling ones.

The Sinnlig candles are single wick and the Lugga Candles have 2 wicks. They had one that had 3 wicks but I didn't want to carry so many goods >A<

I also picked up some miscellaneous jars and pump jar. The mug was actually because I really loved the colour and it was pretty cheap~ The quality is good and it's a nice size to hold in my hands.

Some air  tight containers that I can easily use to take to uni and or work! Great to pack lunches~

I can never leave IKEA without getting few meters of their fabric. The quality it superb and for the price it's pretty reasonable (at least here in Australia). I'll probably use the fabric to make some tote bags and possibly a bag for uni this year.

Originally I was only supposed to get some fitted sheets for my bed this time around /3\ Whoooppppsss~ The throw was just something I saw and thought would be useful~ It's quite comfortable and I can use it when I'm using my computer and need some warmth in the winter.

The last thing I purchased (there was a lot haha!) was this^ Once it's all unpacked and set up it actually looks like...

This! They're just storage boxes~ And because they're made of paper I'm not sure how long they'll last realistically but hopefully long enough to get their money's worth. They're quite sturdy so if I take enough care of them they should go a long way.

So that's it. No more spending at IKEA, and hopefully no more candles, I have enough for the winter...I think...

But no, that's all!
For now,