Sunday, May 17, 2015

Love Live Nozomi Photoshoot

If you've been following my blog from the start you'd know that I dabble into cosplay every so often and when there's a convention coming up I'll usually make something.

Most recently I wore a cosplay for one of my Club's events (a cosplay photoshoot).
Nozomi has always been my favourite character of Love Live School Idol Music Festival, even before I watched the anime. I just love how she has the loving aura with her puppy dog drooped eyes and she's the 'mother' of the team~

My favourite card (Okay....up until the White Day March 14th Event) is:

So because I'm slightly masochistic I decided to make the outfit wig and all.

I'm not going to post progress photos because mainly...I didn't take any but I'll post photos from the 2 photoshoots I had done. ^3^

Going in chronological order in this post I'll just upload the photos that were taken at Uni. Eddy and Bryan were taking photos/helping on the day so thank you guys \(owo)/

Eddy was the photographer for this phoot and we found this nice wall of leaves around campus. Thanks Bryan for helping (owo)~
Luckily I could fit into the alcove and there weren't a lot of tourists at the time.

 That's all for this post~ Just a short update.

I'll post another update hopefully in a week or so!